• Fight Strong

    Performance based training developed through years of dedication and innovation. Fight Strong provides expert programming and clear instruction on workouts in the gym for every level of athlete.

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  • Fight Fit

    The Fight Fit Program is specifically designed for people that either want or need to train with minimal equipment at home or in low equipment environments. Without having to sacrifice quality!

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  • BodyWeight Brawler

    Our BodyWeight Brawler program is the perfect 6 week program for new athletes without access to any equipment. As long as you have some space and discipline this program can be completed!

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  • And More +

    Along with our 3 main programs Fight Team has progression based beginner versions of Fight Strong and Fight Fit. Perfect to help build you up as you progress into becoming a more well rounded athlete.

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More Than Just An App

Combat Sports Specific Training Platform

The Fight Team Training App Platform is one of a kind. With a focus on combat sports Fight Team is a hub for all combat sports athletes of all levels.

If you are an experienced athlete or just getting into combat sports of any kind our app provides Strength and Conditioning programming to take your skills to the next level.

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Training Programs For Any Environment

Do you need an at home training program with limited equipment? We got you.

Full Gym Access but not sure how to get the best results? We got you.

No equipment but you still want to train? We got you.

Fight Team has programming for EVERYONE, all available for our one easy price.

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Access To All Our Programs

The Fight Team Training App Platform gives you access to all of our training programs. Available anywhere at the touch of a button.

Simply start your program in the app and take part in follow along workouts from any level! Beginner To Experienced.

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Expert Instruction

The highest level of Strength and Conditioning programming. Brought to you by our coach with over a decade of personal training experience and years of being a licensed Physical Therapist trained at McGill University (one of the worlds top Physical Therapy schools). You will get nothing short of the best programming. Every workout is tailored to getting you to the next level, backed by cutting edge research and expertise

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Select Your Plan!

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Billed Every 4 Weeks
Pause or Cancel Anytime!

  • Exclusive Community Forum

    All Fight Team members get access to our exclusive Fight Team Forum!

    This Forum is the main forum for members and coaches to discuss everything from goal achievements, fight tactics, and training methods.

    It is for the inclusivity and improvement of all Fight Team Members.

  • Video Tutorials(coming Soon)

    Fight Team is currently working on building video tutorials for how to learn specific combat sports skills. With boxing, kickboxing, and combatives striking. Eventually it will also include grappling and Self-Defense as well!

  • Resource Library

    Our Resource library is an ever expanding wealth of information exclusive to our members. From nutritional advice to expert fitness and injury prevention tips it is a valuable asset that all members get included in their membership!

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Do I Need Equipment?

No! We have programs for all equipment levels. Barbell + Plates, Jump Rope, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Bands, are recommended for Fight Strong. Fight Fit a pair of dumbbells and jump rope is all you need! However if you have no equipment at all our bodyweight program is all you need to get started.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Monthly billing is automated unless you cancel.

What Happens If I Miss A Day?

Nothing! If you miss a day or two, our team suggests following the days as prescribed. Simply adjust the day in your app to move the day you missed, to the current calendar date.

How Much Time Do I Need

Most training sessions can be done in and hour with some being slightly longer.

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